30 Jul 2013

Best Parquet and Oak Laminate Flooring

Sunspeed Flooring Co.,Ltd was established in 2000.As one of largest laminate flooring manufacturers, we are strive to offer the best laminate flooring in good quality and price to all clients around the world.

Now laminate flooring is becoming the most popular choice for homeowners.Because it is very easy to install and maintain, and also is much less expensive than hardwood floors., meanwhile it have many decor colors. Oak laminate flooring is the most popular decor color in various wood species decors.

As you know, oak laminate flooring is the most widely accepted laminate flooring at world side for many years. Oak wood has a wide range of different styles, such as antique oak laminate flooring, harvest oak laminate flooring, rustic oak laminate flooring, red oak laminate flooring,honey oak laminate flooring, winchester oak laminate flooring, estate oak laminate flooring,golden oak laminate flooring, American oak laminate flooring, cottage oak laminate flooring,classic oak laminate flooring, natural oak laminate flooring etc. Not only in laminate flooring but also in engineered types and in solid, oak wood are so widely used than any other solid hardwood species. So if you want to choose oak laminate flooring, there will be a very big range to choose, so everyone can find his best laminate flooring in oak decor.Take above mentions into conclusion, if you would like to choose the best laminate flooring, the oak laminate flooring is the necessary choice which should be take consideration

Now laminate flooring suppliers all are struggling to offer anything truly different. As professional OEM laminate flooring supplier Sunspeed also strive to offer the most new, modern and various designs to our customers.

And we are happy to find that the parquet laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular around the world in recently, especially with the customers of Eastern Europe.Because parquet laminate flooring options available in laminate tiles for a beautiful 18th century style, which is sure to be an original choice. Close to the nature, touch the softness of your heart,meanwhile parquet laminate flooring is much cheaper than parquet floor.So now parquet laminate flooring is best sale for Russia and Uzbekistan some countries.If you still haven't acquired laminate floor tiles for your supplies we strongly recommend you do as they are fast growing in popularity.

In order to offer more parquet laminate flooring options,we are continuing in new designs,so welcome to send us email for getting more new designs of parquet laminate flooring.

22 Jul 2013

Best High Gloss and Waterproof Laminate flooring

Sunspeed Flooring Co.,Ltd is one of the laminate flooring suppliers in China, but as a difference, we are the rare professional laminate flooring suppliers. We use advanced technology and equipments which are imported from Germany, so we can supply our customer’s products with high quality.

Because of our high quality products and services, our flooring exported to various countries and regions in the world, such as North and South America, Europe, South Asia, Africa as well as Australia. Now we are also developing the Russian CIS market.

High Gloss Laminate Flooring is a classic product of Sunspeed Flooring, many customers choose high gloss laminate floor as their surface type not only because of its high shine but also for its smooth surface, which makes daily housework easy.Compared with gloss laminate flooring, high glossy laminate flooring is shinier and more similar to pinano surface.If you would like to buy the best high gloss laminate, Sunspeed will be your first choice.

Sunspeed flooring which as one of biggest laminate flooring suppliers in China can provide almost all different style flooring products, as long as you give us the detail features about laminate flooring, we can try our best to make it for you with wonderful quality and all products can be guaranteed!

About the waterproof laminate flooring, it is one of the special treatments of Sunspeed Flooring, it is also called waxing floor or waxed floor. The process of production of waterproof laminate flooring is a little different from the others, there will be one more technical application, after grooving the small plank, the workers will use the waxing equipment to wax the four edges of laminate flooring, so it has high water resistance. And many customers choose waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms.

And you can choose the most proper laminate flooring according to your demand, now these products have the advanced design technology, and laminate flooring is one of environmental products, more and more people from all over the country notice that it is so necessary to make use of those product to replace of wood flooring, so laminate flooring are becoming more popular in the world.

We are OEM laminate flooring suppliers with over a decade of experience in the industry, we know that we are not the only flooring suppliers you have to choose from, but believe once you experience our dedication to helping you achieve higher profits with our excellent service, quality and competitive prices you needn’t to look anywhere else.

17 Jul 2013

Best High Gloss and Parquet Laminate Flooring

As we all know that laminate flooring is one of most popular building material, especially making up house, it is so important for us, best laminate flooring suppliers can provide us guaranteed all kinds of style laminate flooring, like high gloss laminate flooring and parquet laminate flooring has a large rang of using in the world.

Quality is the most important for laminate flooring suppliers.

And Sunspeed Flooring which is very famous laminate flooring suppliers in China produce the best laminate flooring to support client's business.

High gloss laminate flooring is the most popular one of the Pressed v-groove laminate flooring, and it is V laminate flooring, high gloss laminate flooring is the King of laminate flooring with the excellent quality and competitive price .

Most of customer of European and Russia, because of different living habits, they are prefer to choose the parquet laminate flooring. They thought that the parquet laminate flooring is the best of laminate flooring.

Parquet laminate flooring, as the king of laminate flooring, and one of the best laminate flooring, known by customers for its special color, many flooring supplies have come to see this point, but as the professional laminate flooring supplies,  Sunpeed Flooring already done this line for many years. With the advanced equipment and technology, our parquet laminate flooring looks like the solid wood flooring.

Compare with the wood parquet flooring, the parquet laminate flooring is more and more popular with its excellent quality, wear-resistant, easy to take care of strengths, such as the trust of consumers.

Generally speaking, whatever you choose high gloss floors, or parquet laminate flooring, or other color floors, for laminate flooring has some attractive features like high stability, easy to clean, strong wear resistance, long life and other advantages, it has become an ordinary family of common varieties of wood flooring in the decoration. Sunspeed Flooring as a honest company, based on its advanced produce and manage experience, it is able to provide the best laminate flooring for every customers, most importantly, it can design different color and style floors according to demand of customers. Now, Sunspeed flooring has become one of largest exporting enterprise for laminate flooring in China, and many countries has become our long customers like Australia, Vietnam, Chile, Bangkok, America, etc.

3 Jul 2013

Best Walnut and Maple Laminate Flooring From China

Laminate flooring (also called floating wood tile in the United States) is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic appliquelayer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer is usually composed of fiber board materials. Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity, perhaps because it may be easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It may also have the advantages of costing less and requiring less skill to install than alternative flooring materials. Nowadays, there are many laminate flooring manufacturers all over the world from which are the well known brands we are familiar with like Quick Step, Kronotex, BBL, Egger,ext.  

No matter what the brand is, the final aim is to provide high quality and stylish products to meet consumers’ ever changing needs. Regarding the quality, laminate flooring is assurable due to the melamine impregnated overlay and the good performance core board. Additionally, balancing construction of four layers strengthens the stability of laminate flooring. All these factors guarantee a long lifetime of laminate flooring. Regarding style, laminate flooring could provide exactly what the hardwood flooring can bring because of its decor colors which mainly simulate various wood species like walnut, beech, oak, maple, cherry, ext. Among those wood decor colors, walnut laminate flooring and maple laminate flooring are very popular because of their classical wood grains and color tones.

Walnut laminate flooring has various styles such as black walnut laminate flooring, American walnut laminate flooring. Walnut laminate flooring has fine, straight graining and coloring is a rich, almost chocolate brown. Homeowners like the natural color of walnut and the warmth it automatically adds to a room.

Walnut laminate flooring is especially popular among European countries like Bulgaria, Ireland. Maple laminate flooring is with very pale, creamy white color which has slight shade differences from board to board. To have a vivid simulation, the maple decor can contain minimal to a lot of brownish/black mineral streaks. Maple graining is very light and fine and many times barely discernible and grains will range from uniformly straight lines to curly patterns. Like walnut laminate flooring, maple laminate flooring is also named into various styles according to the unique character of the decor colors such as honey maple, rustic maple, natural maple and light maple,etc. Among those maple colors,the honey maple is warmly accepted because of the sweet and comfortable feeling it takes. Maple laminate flooring is very popular among south east Asia countries like Thailand and Philipines.